About One Big Bin


One Big Bin allows Placer County residents and visitors to easily and conveniently recycle – anywhere and everywhere in the county – allowing everyone to participate in recycling. And the best part is there’s nothing to sign up for and no extra cost! You can just keep doing what you’ve been doing – tossing garbage and recyclables into your existing garbage can. And if you like to put your recyclables in blue bags, you’re welcome to keep doing that, but it’s not necessary. It all goes to the Eastern Regional Materials Recovery Facility and is sorted to take out recyclable materials.

One Big Bin also makes it easy for us! You toss. We sort. This means we’re able to easily remove recyclable materials based on market demand and you don’t have to worry about what goes into which bin, which can often change as recycling markets fluctuate. One Big Bin also means fewer bins to pick up so there are fewer trucks necessary to provide your garbage collection service, which means less wear and tear on our mountain roads and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Materials Recovery Facility


900 Cabin Creek Rd
Truckee, CA 96160


We work hard to make recycling simple for you.

The mixed waste recycling process helps protect the environment by sorting through all the trash.  When all waste generated in the community comes through one place, it makes identifying recyclables and pulling them for reuse more efficient.

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You toss. We Sort.

The Eastern Regional Materials Recovery Facility was designed and is operated to: 1) recover recyclable materials from mixed waste; 2) process green and wood wastes for composting or biomass; 3) receive and process source-separated recyclables, and 4) provide for receipt and recycling/disposal of HHW.

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