Easy Curbside Recycling

Recycling can be confusing, so we do it for you!

Let’s face it, not everyone sorts their recyclables when given the choice – especially when the rules seem to be constantly changing about what can and can’t be recycled. These changes are driven by fluctuations in recycling markets and One Big Bin takes that confusion away by allowing you to toss your garbage and recyclables into one can – the trash can you’re already using!

One Big Bin is considered a mixed waste recycling process, where all waste generated in our community goes through the Eastern Regional Materials Recovery Facility. This makes it easy for you, not having to worry about what goes in which bin, and it ensures 100 percent participation in the recycling program! In other areas, where the customer is responsible for sorting recyclables at home, waste typically goes straight to the landfill without being sorted for “missed” items that should have been recycled. With One Big Bin, our waste sorters see everything that gets thrown away and are able to easily identify those missed items – materials that can be pulled from the waste stream for recycling.